1. You are allowed to own multiple accounts, however you can only be on one account at a time.
  2. Sharing accounts is prohibited. Only the person who owns the account should have access to it.
  3. Selling or giving away accounts is prohibited.
Game Rules
  1. Do not beg for spawns, free Pokemon, money or times.
  2. Do not spam chat, This includes sending multiple messages at once and writing in all caps.
  3. Do not use inappropriate language or discuss adult themes in chat. This includes, roleplay, swearing, sexually inappropriate content, Illegal content; drugs, torrent websites or anything related. (Including in Private Messages)
  4. Do not advertise other games
  5. Do not bully or harass staff or other players. This includes, impersonating staff or another player, spamming a player with multiple unwanted messages, Name calling, Inciting other players to harass or bully a player, Lying about another player, Publicly accusing a player of something without proof.
  6. Do not ask to become a Mod or Admin
  7. If you find a glitch in the game report it to staff or in the correct discord channel immediately. DO NOT abuse or exploit a glitch. Anything gained from exploiting a glitch will be removed from your account and/or your account will be banned.
  8. Please also make sure your Discord name in this server matches your in game name.
  9. If your account has been banned do not create or use another one. This will result in all the accounts being banned and initial ban extended.
  10. Do not give out personal information
  11. Use the appropriate chat tabs, trade chat for trades.
  12. Using beds to roleplay is not allowed will be chat banned or banned if caught.

Usernames, in game messages including private messages & pokemon nicknames should not include the following:
  1. Not contain sexually inappropriate content
  2. Abusing other members
  3. Religious or Political debates/discussions
  4. Advertising other websites or fan made games.
  5. Illegal content, including drugs, torrent websites or anything related.
  6. Personal information, please do not give out any personal information that is unnecessary information (Names and age may be excluded)