My Pokemon Journey is a game project aimed at making a story-based, fun and enjoyable multiplayer Pokemon world.

The game will be constantly evolving over the next few months as we add in support for Crafting Pokeballs, Cooking Pokeblocks and the additional storylines into the region.

There will be a total of 8 Pokemon Gyms within the region and a set of Pokemon League Champions to defeat. We are progressing very quickly with deploying the game and have already completed support for Trades, Trade Evolutions and Player vs Player battles.

About the Stein Region

The Stein Region is central to a number of other continents in the Pokemon World and as such is home to a diverse variety of Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers alike.

About the game

My Pokemon Journey is a story based online pokemon game. You can traverse the region in search of Pokemon to capture and train. You can battle or trade with other players and participate in regional tournaments.