My Pokemon Journey is an online Pokemon game inspired by creative writing, fanfiction and dungeons and dragons.

Move at your own pace through an exciting new Pokemon region of lush forests, treacherous mountain paths and slimy swamps.

You can use your trainer skills such as persuasion, luck and stealth to have unique interactions with the locals and wild pokemon which makes every trainers journey unique. No two experiences will be the same in our Pokemon World!

Make friends with the locals or with other trainers looking for adventure. You may even settle down and buy a house in one of the towns or cities in the area.

Catch them all

There are hundreds of Pokemon for you to catch, train, evolve and battle!


My Pokemon Journey is based in a new and exciting Pokemon Region with a diverse set of Pokemon and Trainers.

Play with friends

Play with or against thousands of other players. Form clans and guilds of Pokemon Trainers. Who will be the strongest amongst the masses?

Free to play

My Pokemon Journey is free to play, forever! You will never be forced to spend a dollar.

Battling a wild Pokemon at night.

Visiting Rimu Town.

Viewing Pokedex Completion.

Exploring the Region.

The Stein Region was formed by volcanic activity and includes Mt Mahogany in the center of the island and Lake Basil to the west. The region has a oceanic climate.

The people of the Stein Region are known for their friendly demeanur and slight accent. A number of Pokemon Trainers in the region have made it through Kanto, Johto and Hoenn leagues.

One well known public figure in Stein is Master Hohenheim, considered on the same level as Champion Master Cynthia. Hohenheim has retired in Sunwood Town where he runs a Pokemon Dojo.

Stein Region

Loading the Pokemon into Pokeballs

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After activating your account you can login for the first time. Its on your first login that we will setup your persona, including character traits and your starter pokemon.

How to play My Pokemon Journey

Everytime you arrive at a new Route or Town you will be provided with options for what activities you can perform there. These options include trainer battles, talking to non-playing characters or battling wild pokemon.

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Your traits affect which options you have while playing the game.

Trainer Profile

Your traits affect which options you have while playing the game.

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